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The CDEK Forward service provides a personal address abroad to send products from local online stores to it. We will consolidate all your packages and deliver them to you, your friends or customers directly.
The CDEK Forward service provides a personal address abroad to send products from local online stores to its own address.
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Delivery cost from the UK

CDEK company delivers at two tariffs. More
Tariff «Standard»
Tariff «Shopaholic»
Enter city and package weight for calculation
Products insurance
Full package tracking
solutions for business

Shopping in the UK is favourable!

Sometimes we can't even imagine how much we overpay for well-known brands in Russia. The UK market has a high level of competition, so most products are considerably cheaper than in Russia, even without being on sale.
Prices are taken from the website

We deliver from UK-based stores

For individuals: we'll deliver your parcels within 4-6 days and from £6, you'll be able to monitor the process 24/7, and we'll perform customs procedures. We'll deliver your purchases to you or your friends: to the nearest CDEK pick-up point or in person.

For wholesale customers: we'll sort the packages, collect your customers' passport data and arrange delivery directly to the end customers. At lower prices: from £5,5.

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We know about the best deals in the UK and are glad to share them with you

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How can you find discounts up to 50%-80%?
What can you buy favourably in the United Kingdom?
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How does it work?

1. Create an account
Get an address for shipping your purchases from abroad
2. Do shopping
Buy products in online stores from North America, Europe and Asia and send them to our warehouse
3. Consolidate packages
After receiving your orders in the warehouse, you can consolidate them and send to yourself, friends or directly to your customers
4. Receive
The parcel will be delivered door-to-door or to the nearest CDEK pick-up point

Where to buy goods?

There are hundreds of stores and millions of products that are not being sold in Russia.
We have chosen the best stores in each category for you. Take your pick and enjoy online shopping in the UK!
The largest marketplace where everyone will find any category of products. Unique products specifically for the UK.
Prices on Ebay-UK are lower than on other regional sites. All brands at best prices.
A store with a great number of products in various categories.
One of the very first British online stores to appear
To make sure you don't miss sale discounts of up to 80%, get your personal address in the UK well in advance for delivery of your orders
Get an address in the UK for free

Our team

Leonid Goldort
Chief Executive Officer

For many years, we have been working with the idea that a parcel is as important as a customer. This is the driving force of the company. We are constantly introducing new technologies and ideas into our business, changing the rules of the game for the entire industry.

We sincerely believe that the new CDEK Forward program will influence the logistics and e-commerce market in Russia and provide growth opportunities for international companies. We will open up a whole world of comfortable online shopping for every Russian citizen.

Leonid Goldort
Chief Executive Officer
Sergey Egorov
Chief Business Development Officer
Ovsep Osipyan
CEO CDEK Forward, head of CDEK USA branch office
Maxim Tolstobrov
Chief Commercial Officer

CDEK is delivering your goods

CDEK delivery service was established on February 25, 2000 in Novosibirsk.
At the moment, we are the largest logistics operator in Russia with 14 branch offices abroad.
20 000
2 000
Pick-up points
200 000
Packages per day
20 000
years of experience in the market
We deliver quickly, carefully and cheaper around the world!

Get your personal address in the UK right now!

Choose products in the U.S., European and Asian online stores. Order delivery to your personal address.
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